5 Reasons to shoot in the Rain

We all hear it, nearly every day... This is the year for El Nino, so here's some tips we want you to keep in mind on those rainy days. Provided you keep your gear safe of course! So grab your pancho, some protective layering for your gear and get out there!

1. Rain makes asphalt incredibly reflective.


And not just reflective, it will actually add light to your image. You can test it now, take a picture or a video on a dry road and then splash some water.. Notice the difference?

Those reflections lead me to the next reason you shouldn't stay inside...

2. Kissing in the rain... I mean, you really can't get much more romantic

Grab your favorite couple or your tripod and get that shot. I promise, its magic.


3. Those droplets makes macro shots THAT much more incredible



These colors make me wish it was raining right now... The contrast that can be created with a dreary sky and bright colors is something magnificent.


5. Landscapes

We don't all have wild animals roaming in our back yard, but grab that wide shot. Show how nature is revealed around you. It can be so beautiful.

And of course if you need more inspiration, go on over to Media Bakery and see some beautiful imagery.

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