5 Ways to Keep your Creativity Warm this Winter

At Media Bakery "winter" means 50-degree nights here in Santa Barbara, but maybe for you it means -15 on a good day. Either way, we know that colder weather seemingly seems to drag along with it an unproductive lifestyle. It's fun at first to layer up with blankets and jackets, but as the sun fades it leaves many feeling dry and unmotivated, especially creatively. Trying to push past it is hard! So often we think it's easier to just wait through it, waiting for the cracked hands and cold feet to feel the warmth of the sun but we want to prevent you from a cold winter in the creative department and have some tips to get you prepared.

1. Make a Playlist

Find those songs that you know you just can't resist smiling or dancing to and be prepared to hear them on repeat. Don't let yourself drag through long days without having a whole playlist of songs to boost your energy.


This playlist might have songs that are sad or dreary, just make sure they're selected to procure the right mood that really triggers your creativity. Music is a powerful being, use it wisely!

2. Create a Clean Workplace

Spring cleaning very much over rated. Why wait 5 more months when you could be creating a better atmosphere for yourself right now? Useless trash and clutter only add to the lethargic mood. Declutter your space and your mind and get ready to create!


Feeling really daring? Try new paint or rearranging furniture. Preparing your work environment for those winter days will be sure to have you ready.

3. Plan an Adventure


Even outside of winter we know it's important for a change of scenery every now and then. So this reminder is to be extra cautious when doing it in the winter.

You don't have to prove how brave you are by going ice climbing or find yourself in the middle of a frozen lake ice fishing- but maybe book tickets to a show, or take a night to live like a child and enjoy some ice skating.




4. Try something New

Doing things outside of your creative work is one of our favorite ways to spur on creativity. Whether its baking, knitting, painting or scrapbooking- choosing an outlet for yourself that isn't the creativity you're used to can really open your mind.


If you don't like anything we suggested above just try for anything that will get your body moving around a little while staying warm inside, or maybe something you can even brave outside.

5. Interact

Don't let yourself get caught up inside in front of a fireplace all winter either. Remember to enjoy time with friends, family and co-workers. Maybe you need to reach out to us here at Media Bakery for some extra help on a project (email us here), let us know and we can drop in a couple jokes here and there. Whatever the interaction is, just remember that we work best when we work with each other.



Cold weather is unpredictable on the body and the mind so we can't promise these tips will make for a productive winter. But we're hoping its a step in the right direction! Let us know if we can be of any assistance and check out more winter photos on our site!


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